Hand-Made in Dover, Massachusetts
FBF jam photo

Homemade jams, jellies and marmalades - made in our licensed residential kitchen the old-fashioned way on Fisher Brook Farm.

Our jams and marmalades are available at
Dover Market in Dover town centre, the Sherborn Out in Sherborn, and at the farmstand at Powisset Farm, Dover on Tuesday afternoons.

We may be doing a few farmer’s markets this year, check our Facebook page for details.

Fisher Brook Farm

All of our products are made with all natural ingredients, never any flavoring, coloring, commercial pectins, thickeners, or corn syrup - just selected fruit and cane sugar cooked in preserving pans in the traditional way. A pure product with an intense fruity kick.


Where possible, we source all of our fruit from local farms, including from our own land. We plan to continue to expand our own home grown fruits over the coming years.

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